Sunday, November 1, 2009

More stuff I made a while ago so it's getting lumped together in one post :-)

Quilt for Potspie - the first quilt  I finished. There was another one unfinished at this time.  It doesn't have batting, just a double layer of sheet in the middle - (too hot here for batting!)

Quilt for Chops - it looks a bit too 'Christmasy', but he likes it and that's what matters - the Snoopy footballers are some fabric my Mum gave me. This quilt confirmed that I don't like sewing in straight lines so much. (And yes, there's that bed in the background again!)

And this I did when I was about 8.  We made them at school.  :-)
Somewhen, about the same time, my Mum gave me a sewing basket.
I still have it.
I used to love making dolls clothes.


  1. Your little girl is soooo cute, Lucy! The quilts look great, the green/red does not look Christmasy at all. How fun to have your needlework from childhood:-)

  2. Thanks for comment on my blog, your little girl looks very cute with here quilt. Lucy you can translate my blog with google which is at the top in right corner og my blog, know that it is not the best translation.