Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yay and bleugh......

haven't been doing any sewing or anything much bloggable for a long while (it seems)...

have been feeling sick...
and tired...

and am very happy baby no.3 should be putting in an appearance mid september....

but still have very little motivation to do much more than look after potspie and chops etc etc ..
at least they take a midday nap so i can too.

am hoping to feel better soon.
with potspie i was (really) sick for the whole time but with chops it only lasted the first few months, and hopefully this one will be the same.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I don't get so much sewing done and a bag for Larissa.

Our house has 'inside outside' windows because the big room used to be a veranda, and the rooms off it looked onto it.  By the front door the windows collect pictures done by Potspie and Chops, and I also keep my plastic bag holder thing there.  For ages there were just bags stuck behind the bars on the windows.  Not very attractive!

Potspie and Chops are the reason I don't get so much sewing done - but I wouldn't change that for anything.   :-) 

I have, however, been trying to make a little bag.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Old stuff (again!)

So Matt has the camera with him - and he is in the Nuba Mountains (about 11hrs south of here) - so here's  more old stuff....

This is about the size of a placemat (I made it about a year ago)- and I'm not sure what i'll do with it  - I think the plan is to put it into the centre of a quilt - so to just keep building up around it. Except I think I used up most of that fabric....we'll see.

These are two blocks of what will hopefully in the (probably very) distant future be part of a big quilt for our bed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before I owned a sewing machine....

Before I owned a sewing machine, I made this.
It hangs on the wall above my sewing machine, in our sitting room.
(The colours don't look quite right in the photo)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pencil Roll and Bedroom.

A pencil roll that I made as a present -and  demonstrating why I should not try to sew on fabric with straight lines/patterns on it, but because it's full of pretty colours and patterns I really like it!

We share a bedroom with Potspie and Chop - not entirely by choice - but it means the room that could be a bedroom is a study/TV/book room - and it works out OK actually!  Our house here is L shaped, 4 adjoining rooms, no corridoors, kitchen in separate room outside and a bathroom off the biggest room.
Anyway yesterday we moved a big cupboard out of our room, and rearranged beds  - then I put some letters upon the wall.  They are scrapbooking letters I got in the States a while back.