Monday, January 25, 2010

Old stuff (again!)

So Matt has the camera with him - and he is in the Nuba Mountains (about 11hrs south of here) - so here's  more old stuff....

This is about the size of a placemat (I made it about a year ago)- and I'm not sure what i'll do with it  - I think the plan is to put it into the centre of a quilt - so to just keep building up around it. Except I think I used up most of that fabric....we'll see.

These are two blocks of what will hopefully in the (probably very) distant future be part of a big quilt for our bed.


  1. I adore your little birdies, so cute! If you don't have more fabric for the pieced top, it would make a perfect wall hanging, pillow or table topper:-)

  2. wow...they must be really tiny pieces on that placemat-size more fabric...if you keep on building up around it, it'll look amazing.

  3. Just found this link...thought you might like it... japanese do some really unusual things with materials and details in their quilts.