Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pencil Roll and Bedroom.

A pencil roll that I made as a present -and  demonstrating why I should not try to sew on fabric with straight lines/patterns on it, but because it's full of pretty colours and patterns I really like it!

We share a bedroom with Potspie and Chop - not entirely by choice - but it means the room that could be a bedroom is a study/TV/book room - and it works out OK actually!  Our house here is L shaped, 4 adjoining rooms, no corridoors, kitchen in separate room outside and a bathroom off the biggest room.
Anyway yesterday we moved a big cupboard out of our room, and rearranged beds  - then I put some letters upon the wall.  They are scrapbooking letters I got in the States a while back.

1 comment:

  1. Using different colours for the pencil roll is such a great idea! It looks so lovely and bright, perfect for any kid.
    The letters on the wall look so cheerful. I too had to share bedroom with daugther when she was young, so I made a part of it into a child's room just like you. Worked just fine!