Friday, November 20, 2009


1 table top  - new and bigger - (thanks to my skilfull husband)
   The old top supports the new one!

2 loaves of homemade bread  (er.. one got eaten before i could photograph it!)

3 neighbours (who are very smiley but not in photos!)

4 very old pyramids

5 days and this chair WILL be finished (and will be used as a chair instead of dump everything place!)

6 guys on the back of a pickup truck

7 flowers (made into a lavender bag)

8 legs

9 patch (disappearing) made a while ago

10 cookies


  1. Hello Lucy! I enjoy reading your blog so much; it's wonderful to see how different our lives are in different parts of the world, and yet so much alike with our quilting and homemaking:-)
    The 1.2.3 idea for this post was fun:-)

  2. What an amazing and different life you lead! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. I always look forward to your posts - and enjoy your creativity.


  3. What on earth is that spider.... is that real? it looks absolutely gigantic!!! Apart from that great pics, especially the pyramids! love to all of you Emily (sister!) x