Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fabric here.

Someone asked if I can buy fabric here....yes and no.

Yes in the market there is lots of fabric...but I don't buy so much here.
Most of the fabric here is non-cotton, ugly or if it has a nice pattern is polyester/nylon, flimsy, very loose weave stuff.  This last Tuesday we went to the market, and I bought 3 scarves - which I will probably use for sewing instead of headscarves - they are very very loose weave flimsy things so i will have to do something to them before i sew with them.

this one below is more satiny type material....

It is also very expensive compared to US/UK (I am a walmart cheapo/joann fabric bargains type girl!).You can buy polycotton sheets in the market, that aren't too bad, but i think i prefer to save the money and buy when we go overseas somewhere.  I did buy a couple of jellabiyas (house dresses) soley for the fabric and made a little dress for Potspie with one, and when foreigners are having yard sales I can sometimes buy cotton clothing that can be made into things.

Matt, when he was down in Juba (near Kenya) bought me 5 METRES of one fabric (it sort of came that length apparantly) :-)


  1. That is a very cute dress you made. Your fabric selection....well, I can see where you get more creative with the resources available! Just post if you ever want a package from America!!!

  2. The dress is awesome! Look forward to one day seeing what you can create from the scarves.

  3. I love your creative fabric shopping; wonderful patterns! The 5 metres your husband bought for you is so great.
    Your little girl is so cute in her dress!

  4. Hey Lucy! I didn't realize you were so crafty! I love the stuff you've been making!

    How are you guys doing? Sorry we missed you this summer!

    Hugs from us!

    Emily and Jerehmy