Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick Quilt

Well I spent alot of time looking at the Quilt Festival Quilts (so many really nice ones - lots of inspiration - i had lots of fun looking!) .... then internet went down ..... then power cuts... finally here I am again!

This week I made an quilt for a 'sudden' baby shower.  I had planned to make a little quilt for this baby, but had to accelerate my plans rather quickly!

It was fun to make as I never made one so quickly or simply!  However there are a gazillion things that I would change/do differently next time I make one like this - mainly to do with machine sewing.

I was pleased how the binding turned out as I did the 'make your own bias binding' thing.
The animal /spotty fabric is Ikea (again)(bought when we were in the states this summer). I appliqued some of them on and the others are just the fabric.
These are my favourite drivers!


  1. Oh how cute, Lucy! The IKEA fabric is adorable, just like your quilt. I have not seen this fabric at IKEA; too bad I missed it.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog during the quilt festival. I really love the style of your quilts. Very cute!