Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I don't get so much sewing done and a bag for Larissa.

Our house has 'inside outside' windows because the big room used to be a veranda, and the rooms off it looked onto it.  By the front door the windows collect pictures done by Potspie and Chops, and I also keep my plastic bag holder thing there.  For ages there were just bags stuck behind the bars on the windows.  Not very attractive!

Potspie and Chops are the reason I don't get so much sewing done - but I wouldn't change that for anything.   :-) 

I have, however, been trying to make a little bag.


  1. Love the kiddie art display. I still have a kitchen wall filled with daughter's work, but I'll probably have to replace some of them with grandson's artwork soon. Your kids are so adorable! The purse looks wonderful, I love the appliqued leaves.

  2. Hi Lucy! I had appliqued some leaves on a bag, and love the stems you have added. Would you mind if I use the idea?

  3. Lovely bag, lucky Larissa!
    Your bag reminded me of this applique I saw recently, thought you might like it too.

  4. Wonderful display of the kids art work! Lovely bag too, lucky Larissa.

  5. cute little bag. YOu'll get lots of sewing done when the kids are bigger. They are so cute! enjoy them while you can.